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Psoriasis is a common chronic ingestion disease whereby the skin is affected and which is characterized by large red scaly patches on the skin. The disease is caused by a disturbance in the skin growth. Normally, the skin gradually renews itself: old skin cells are released to the outside and they grow again at the bottom of the epidermis. At psoriasis the production of skin cells goes fast and the surplus of cell layers won’t dispose. That occurs layers of skin with a thick layer of unripe skin cells that desquamate hard. The cause of this disturbed skin production is still unknown.

Who gets psoriasis?

About 1 in 40 people in the Netherlands have psoriasis. Psoriasis occurs at all ages. Mainly it starts after puberty, but babies and elderly people can also develop psoriasis.  There is a clearly involve of familial component: children of a Psoriasis have a chance of 10% to develop Psoriasis. Some medicines can worsen or provoke Psoriasis; examples are beta-blockers and lithium. Also smoking is a major risk factor for psoriasis. A cold, humid environment, stress, hormonal changes, certain medications and drinking alcohol can outburst this disease.

Psoriasis spots are mainly on arms, legs, scalp and lower back. The spots can itch and hurt, because the skin gets really dry. On the affected and dry spots there can occur gorgers in the skin.

Treatment of psoriasis

Horsemilk contains natural anti-ignition agents!

There are several different types of treatment available. Each treatment is aimed at suppressing the symptoms. At this moment it isn’t possible yet to cure psoriasis. But horsemilk can bring relieve to your life. Think about reducing the itching, dry skin (gorgers) and the loose skin cells.

The skin stabilizes itself by the present vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids in horsemilk that absorb in the skin. This has a revitalization and delayed aging of the skin as result. The collagen fibers endeavour themselves and create to a large extent. The epithelial protective vitamin A makes the skin smoother and rejuvenates the skin surface so these get softer and suppler. Pathological skin changes are influenced positive and even disappear after a long-term use of horsemilk. Horsemilk works both inside and outside skin caring and curing.

From practice

Maria (38) suddenly suffered from itchy, red spots in her face which spread to her feet and other body parts. The skin even seemed to be somewhat swollen. The general practitioner gave the diagnose psoriasis, a skin eruption with scales. With the use of cortisone pills and salves, the skin eruption and itching reduced. However this was only for a short while, the disease didn’t cure and the medicines didn’t oppose the cause of the disease. The result was that the complaints and skin symptoms occurred again, even clearer and more intense than before the treatment. Maria was advised to use horsemilk against her disease. There followed a treatment with horsemilk in the form of horsemilk powder, horsemilk cream to support the (dry/sensitive) skin and horsemilk shampoo to support the scalp. After 6 months the psoriasis complaints reduced very strongly. The itch disappeared in its entirety and the skin was recovering. Maria got the advice to use the horsemilk powder until the skin recovered or until there wouldn’t be improvement on long-term anymore.

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* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.