Are you often tired?

Tiredness is a common appearance, everyone is tired sometimes and mostly you’ll feel fine after a night of enough sleep. Tiredness is a state of body and spirit whereby a person is less able to do activities and feels sleepy. Tiredness can be a symptom of a physical or mental disease, like heart failures, diabetes, brain (stroke) or a clinical depression.

Vitamins and minerals

A long-term short of vitamins and minerals (some B-vitamins and iron) can be a cause of tiredness. B-vitamins help to release energy from our food. The mineral iron is important for the transport of oxygen in our blood. Research of a university in the United Kingdom has shown that a short of vitamin B, in particular vitamin B12, leads to the arise of tiredness complaints.

If you suffer from tiredness quickly, then it’s logic that you would like to do something to it. Named researches have shown that vitamin B is really definable for the energy metabolism in your body. That’s why it’s really important to pay attention to the intake of essential nutrients and in particular vitamin B12, leads to the occur of tiredness complaints. Horsemilk exists of the vitamins of the B-group: B2, B3, B5, B7, B12 and B13. |

If you are in need of a extra helping hand, you can use freeze dried horsemilk powder. Freeze dried horsemilk powder has a direct effect on your metabolism and gives you extra energy.

Do you get enough vitamins and minerals?
Horsemilk is full of vitamins and minerals!

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.