“A new life thanks to horse milk!”

Horsemilkery ‘De Lage Wierde’’ at Wirdum have been started up in 2002 with the milking of two Haflingers. The reason was that the horsemilker’s (Cor de Winter) niece was suffering from serious eczema problems. These problems where to such a nature that regular medication did not work any longer. “Help me to get rid of my annoying complaints!”

By means of a documentary of a Dutch television program Cor’s niece learned that horse milk and other horse milk products have a favorable impact on skin problems. Cor de Winter was rung by his niece with the request for horse milk.

Cor de Winter found out that it was very cumbersome to get some horse milk and decided for this reason to milk his own horses. After a couple of months drinking the horse milk his niece was cured of her annoying disorder. Cor de Winter decided to continue with milking horses.

The horsemilkery

At present about 18 horses are in the process of milking. There are several sale locations in the north of The  Netherlands. All our horse milk products can be ordered by our website also. These products will be sent to you by post. We find good service and personal contact with our customers terribly important! In winter months the mares are milked three times a day and in the summer months five times a day.

Horse milk can be drunk but it can be also processed in other products such as crème, shampoo and soap. Horse milk is also available in the form of horse milk powder and horse milk capsules. The products can be obtained by customers by means of the sale points on the different locations. Moreover customers can simply order by Telephone or by means of the Internet site and/or e-mail, whereupon the products by means of the mail are sent.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.