Would you like to stop scratching?

Itching is very contagious. When you hear someone talking about it, or you see someone itching, lots of people get the tendency to scratch somewhere already. Itching has many causes. Stress can cause a itching eruption which can occur at almost all parts of body, mainly on the back of the neck and forearms.

Itch by skin diseases
Skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema can cause this.

Suffer from a dry or irritated (sensitive) skin?
Take a look on the page of a dry skin.

Scratching can cause redness of the skin and deep welts. Scratching can irritate your skin so bad, that the itching will start over and over again. This creates a vicious circle.

Itch and horsemilk

To reduce the itch you can use horsemilk powder or horsemilk cream. Research shows that people who have itches benefit greatly from the unique composition of horsemilk. By taking in freeze dried horsemilk powder the itch reduces, often in the first weeks.

Would you like to stop scratching? 

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