How long do I have to use horsemilk, freeze-dried horsemilk powder/capsules?

How long people have to stay drinking horsemilk really depends on the reason why you’re using horsemilk. We advise to use the horsemilk product for 3 to 4 months and to use the product for 4 to 6 weeks after this period. It’s better to stop gradually with it and never stop suddenly with the use of horsemilk products. We advise to use the horsemilk two times a year, for example in spring and autumn.

My complaints get worse when I use horsemilk, is that right?

Yes, that might happen. This is a reaction which is very common with people who have a dry and sensitive skin. This reaction says that the product does its work (which experience has shown). This reaction takes about 2 to 14 days, in some cases longer. With an dry and sensitive skin, horsemilk cream can be used more temporarily to soften the skin. Don’t stop during this period, but keep on going with the usage of horsemilk cream!

Is freeze-dried horsemilkpowder similar to horsemilk?

Yes, freeze-dried horsemilk powder is the same as horsemilk in liquid form. Freeze-dried horsemilkpowder is horsemilk that is freeze-dried (freeze-drying is a high qualitive method of drying). Horsemilk exists for 91% of water. Freeze-dried horsemilk is horsemilk, but without water.  When horsemilk gets freeze-dried all vitamins, minerals and important substances are retained. Therefore mare is freeze-dried by own business. During the process the milk freezes in and is brought under vacuum. The freeze-drying process takes place at very low temperatures (-60°C).

Freeze-dried horsemilk powder is easier to use than horsemilk. With the use of horsemilk the usage for one month exist out of 28 bags with 250 ml. deep frozen horsemilk. You have to preserve these bags in your fridge (-18°C). When you are going to use one of these bags the next day, you have to preserve one of the bags in the refrigerator, so it can defrost. A lot of people don’t have space in their fridge to preserve 28 bags with 250 ml. Horsemilk. On the other hand, freeze-dried horsemilk powder exists out of two bags with 100 gram horsemilkpowder. You can mix feeze-dried horsemilk powder (3 tea spoons a day) easily with your dessert and lukewarm water (max. 30°C).

Is the usage of horsemilkpowder capsules similar to the usage of horsemilkpowder?

No, freeze-dried horsemilk capsules and freeze-dried horsemilkpowder are both used for a different reason and the quantity differs. Freeze-dried horsemilk capsules exist of 60 capsules a 530 mg freeze-dried horsemilkpowder. You’ll take in 32 gram (2 capsules a day) horsemilkpowder a month in its total.  Which is sixe time less than with freeze-dried horsemilkpowder. With freeze-dried horsemilkpowder you take in 200 gram a month in its total. But the most is not always the best!

Which product should I take? Horsemilk capsules or horsemilkpowder?

That really depends on the reason why you are using the product. If you would like to have advise about this, feel free to contact us. Because of the capsules are provided with a casing, the capsule breaks in the intestine and the piece of horsemilkpowder present is doing his job there. If the capsules don’t work after 4 weeks, we advise to use freeze-dried horsemilkpowder. With horsemilkpowder you take in 6 times more freeze-dried horsemilkpowder than with horsemilk capsules. For targeted information and advise about how to use the product, feel free to contact us.

How do I have to preserve freeze dried horsemilkpowder / capsules?

Both freeze-dried horsemilkpowder as the freeze-dried horsemilk capsules you need to preserve cool and dark (max 7°C). Because it’s a dry product, you can preserve it in the fridge and refrigerator. During the usage of freeze-dried horsemilkpowder you can preserve the freeze-dried horsemilkpowder for 6 weeks, as long as it’s preserved cool and dark (max 7°C). Because the vacuum is no longer present, when the packaging is opened.

From which age is it allowed to use horsemilk?

Almost immediately after birth, horsemilk can be used. Horsemilk and related horsemilk products are natural products. Horsemilk has a lot of similar properties compared to mother milk. For specific information, please feel free to contact us.

An allergic reaction to horsemilk, how is this possible?

There are people who are allergic or intolerant to horsemilk products. This often manifests itself in an allergic reaction with symptoms as a swollen and dry throat and watery and strain eyes. This is alreadt noticeable after the first sip, but often not after a while. When people have an allergic reaction, they will notice this when the lips and mouth start to tingle after 10 minutes. Mucosas put on. When you feel a tingle after the usage of horsemilk, drink a glass of water and wait for a while then. If you have any doubts, contact your doctor.

My doctor prescribed a diet and I’m using medicins. Can I use horsemilk?

Horsemilk is a natural product. But if you have any doubts, contact your doctor or specialist.

Can I continue with using horsemilk?

You can use horsemilk all your life, it’s not a medicine but it’s a nature product! You can use horsemilk products as long as you want. It’s common to use the product every other day. Another choice which is advised often, to use the product 2 times a year, for example a period in spring and a period during autumn.

I’m allergic to cow milk, can I endure horsemilk?

In most of the cases people are allergic to the proteins in cow milk. These are long and difficult to digest and ensure a negative reaction in the intestines. Horsemilk proteins are very shot and don’t ensure this problem. One must only observe with a lactose allergy. People often can not stand the horsemilk with a lactose allergy. However, with a lactose intolerance, users often can have lactose because it is rapidly absorbed and converted. Build the usage up slowly is Slowly build is recommended.

When is it recommended to use the product?

It doesn’t matter if you take in the product in the morning, afternoon or evening. We advise to take in the recommended dose at once and don’t spread it over the whole day. It’s important to use the product everyday around the same time. Regularity is important!


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    * You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

    * You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.