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Edith Jousma- Zijlstra
I would like to respond on a article about horse milk. I had a lot of trouble with Eczema and drunk horse milk. It is easy to take in. It tastes sweet and watery. It really improved my health and now my troubles with eczema are gone. It is no cure-all, you never get rid of it all, but I can live with it now. I hope it can help somebody else as well!

I am also taking a cure of horse milk, I have very bad eczema on my head for two years and there was nothing that helped. But now I drink that horse milk I notice a lot of difference. It is not going away all but it is getting less a lot. So it really is an absolute must. To my opinion it tastes very filthy. For people who agree with me, you can use orangeade so it will taste better.

I am having the sickness of Chrohn for  eight  years and I am drinking horsemilk since six years because it went really bad with my bowels so I started drinking horsemilk. The first two weeks I had some trouble to get used to the horsemilk but after  that the complaints decreased. Now I only have to go once a day to the toilet and do not have complaints any longer. Now I only drink horsemilk three times a week to keep myself in a proper condition, so despite the chronical sickness of Chrohn  it continues to go well with me.

I have trouble with eczema on my hands for the last six months. I was becoming desperate. I have tried various kinds of creams, but nothing really helped. Continuously I walked with damaged fingers with band-aid on them.  For almost two weeks now I drink horse milk. Already after one week I saw clearly a result and the eczema is as good as gone. I can hardly believe it myself, but it really happened. So it works for me!

Hello, dear people, my little boy has a heavy cow milk allergy, he also uses horse milk now. I make ice-pop sticks of fresh milk or Instant pudding, because the milk cannot be heaten above thirty-eight degrees Celsius. By this way I cured him of his eczema and he still gets his dairy products.

I am using horse milk for six weeks now for I have serious psoriasis, really bad. It is getting a lot better. I am not yet clean like they call it, but I will continue using horsefly because it really works. You just have to be patient (sometimes)

Horse milk is a wonder cure for me! I have trouble with serious eczema for years and after drinking horse milk for four months is my eczema almost entirely disappeared. I will continue using it, perseverance pays. But I am not longer embarrassed by it and it doesn’t itch any longer! Before I used horse milk I tried dozens of ointments and cures without any result. I recommend everyone to use horse milk!

Since one and a half year I drink  horse milk every day and I am very satisfied about the results. Before that I had trouble with eczema and paroxysm. My symptoms became a lot less. They are not completely gone, which I notice mostly in time of stress. But when I stop drinking horse milk my symptoms return. Unfortunately it is very expensive, a cure of four weeks is 45 Euros, but I think it is really worth it. I recommend it to everybody who has eczema!

‘’yes, I drink horsemilk regularly. I have  Colitis Ulcerosa (chronic bowel sickness) and when I read that horsemilk would help real good, I started trying it. And it really helps indeed! When I had this period again with lots of cramp, pain, diarrhoea ( with blood),  bloated feeling then the horsemilk relieved me after one day already! Horsemilk is so special because the compilation of it is comparable with mothermilk. Drinking horsemilk stimulates the growth of the good bacteria of the intestinal flora and purifies the blood. (so it is also good for a smooth skin!). Furthermore it is stamina enlarging as well. Eczema, hayfever or cowmilk allergy will also disappear or decrease mostly by drinking the horsemilk. I benefit a lot of of it, but I do not drink it every day, because horsemilk is rather expensive for me. But as soon as I notice trouble I drink horsemilk for a week!’’

Some reactions of happy customers

‘the horsemilk that released me of my annoying, troublesome ailments!’’
About five years ago I got infections to my left eyelids. The advice of my specialist was: ‘’cleanse it several times a day with warm water!’’ Soon my right eyelids got also infected. Reading, just as watching television became a big problem, because of the dirt out of the infection ruffled the sight of  my eyes and it also changed shapes. This gave me big trouble riding my car, traffic signs where only readable when I was very close by. At that time my stomach started to give trouble too, so that I often could only sleep on my back or not at all from the pain. The tablets I got for this ailment did not help. After  using different kinds of salves and cures for my eyes and even after going to the hospital a couple of times to have my eyes cleaned with petrol, the ailment had been found chronic and they told me I just had to learn to live with it. It is hard when it feels like you have sand in your eyes continually. One of my friends had heard of horsemilk.  On internet we found out what a magic-cure this could be. Horsemilkery ‘De Lage Wierde’ from Cor and Ina de Winter at Wirdum was the closest in the neighbourhood. An appointment had been made fast and with twenty-eight quarter liters milk I went home, starting the cure. One cup of a quarter a litre a day. It took four months before I could notice and feel any result.  The perseverer really wins, because watching television and my big hobby reading were from then on deprived from pain or any sadness. My stomach problems became also history and  there is another thing, on both my hands were painful open spots. By using the horsemilkcream became that suffering also to the past. I am using horsemilk daily for ten months now and I am certainly not willing to quit. It is very good to drink, healthy and  on vacation, you can take horsemilkpowder with you. Thanks to the with love cared, stressless horses of Ina and Cor de Winter, I got rid of the what the ‘’regular healthcare’’ calls chronic ailments. Mrs Weber

“My eczema disappeared with horsemilk”
More than three years ago the eczema started with the hands. I went through the route of dermatology but it only helped for a little while. The eczema kept on coming back. My skin became thin by the using of the salve. I had acupuncture and herb therapy for a year. The eczema was under control, but it still kept on coming back in a more or less degree. During the heatwave of the year 2003 the eczema came back again in all fierceness, this time on my face, neck, legs, ears, arms and feet. Above all I had a lot of pain and could not sleep. The result of that was weariness and exhaustion. Until a friend of mine told me about horsemilk.  My partner and I went to Wirdum. There we were  well informed and we bought a horsemilk cure. After the autumnholidays I started with the cure. It was said that it could worsen at the start and I was a little scared for that. However it returned in lighter degree only with little to very light irritation and itching. Finally after about two weeks it got much better and better. The skin became very soft, smooth and looked a little tanned. Anyway it went very well and I am reduced the dosis since februari 2004 and use still twice a week a cup of horsemilk. The eczema returns again in light degree but also recovers itself again. I have felt really good, healthy and energetic at the time when I was using horsemilk. Approximately seven weeks ago a friend of ours died, this was a very big shock. That made me notice that emotions can be the cause of returning of  the eczema. However only in a much lower degree. I nearly do not have irritation or itching any longer. Now I really want to quit drinking horsemilk. I have to get confidence in my own body again. Maybe it will stay a vulnerable spot, but like this I can live with it. I had and still have a lot of benefit to horsemilk. I recommend to everyone who has eczema problems to use it. Mrs Vromans.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.