There are some important issues you have to know when you are going to use horsemilkproducts. Down here there are a couple of important things listed. We ask of you to read this before you order our horse milk products.

  • It concerns the products; horse milk, horsemilkpowder and horsemilkcapsules.
  • The recommended amount of horse milk is a quarter liter a day. The recommended amount horsemilkpowder is three teaspoons a day. The recommended amount horsemilkcapsules are two to six capsules a day.
  • We advise to use the recommended daily amount all at once and not spread over the day. And it does not matter when you use it as long as it is used every day around the same time as the day before.
  • To achieve an optimal result you should use the product up to three to four following months. When the symptoms are stabilized  you can choose to half the doses.
  • Do not use horse milk (powder or capsules) when you have a lactose allergy. Also do not use the products during pregnancy. And it is not sensible to use it when you have an oversensitive reaction to horses.
  • When drinking horse milk for the very first time, or using horsemilkpowder or capsules, take only a sip or a small amount. There is a small change you are allergic to it, in that case  you will notice it right away.
  • It is possible that during the first cures the systems get worse. This can lead to more rash and /or rumbling in the intestines section. This is a purifying reaction and normally does not last longer then one or two weeks. After that period of time you will notice the first progress/improvement. Especially in this period you should continue using the product.
  • You should continue with the drugs, medication or diet you are following already.
  • How long you should  keep on using the products depends on the seriousness of the symptoms and the reaction of the body. In many cases is the usage during three or four months recommended, sometimes longer. You can slowly cut back on the usage afterwards, but you should never stop abruptly!
  • It is very important to use the product again on a regular basis after the symptoms had been stabilized. It is recommended to get a so called maintenance cure of two or three cures a year.
  • Something that’s incurable, can also not be cured by drinking horse milk, in that case it will give only some relief.

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