Composition of horsemilk

Composition of horsemilkHorsemilk looks a lot like human milk qua composition. It has a sweet taste, because it is full of lactose. Besides that, the taste is very soft and a little watery compared to cow milk. Horsemilk contains less casein than cow milk, whereby it’s easier to digest. Horsemilk is low in fat (largely unsaturated)!

Full of vitamins!

Horsemilk contains iron, vitamins A, B, B2, B6, B12, C and E, minerals and trace elements. It has a low protein content and contains little reserve substances. The protein exists almost half of the antibodies albumin/globulin. By the similarity of horsemilk and the milk of humans, it’s a precious food source.

Composition in detail

Complete overview of the composition of horsemilk per 100 ml

 Energy (kcal)64679610847
 Lactose (g)4,64,24,64,96,2
 Proteins (g)3,33,75,34,02,0
 Casein (g)2,72,94,53,51,2
 Fats (g)3,63,96,38,01,5
 Natrium (mg)4542304011,9
 Calcium (mg)120127183195110
 Phosphorus (mg)9210911513054
 Potassium (mg)14118118210064
 Zinc (mg)0,360,260,470,60,002
 Vitamin B2 (mg)0,180,150,230,100,030
 Vitamin B12 (µg)0,410,070,510,300,3
 Vitamin A (µg)3174516417
 Vitamin C (µg)n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.151
 Vitamin D (µg)0,1740,2512,5


Composition of full cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk and horsemilk (per 100 ml)


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