Does your child suffer from eczema?

Does your child suffer from:

  • eczema?
  • red chapped skin?
  • a dry skin?
  • ignition of the skin?

Horsemilk is ideally suited for the treatment of eczema and skin irritations of children. Horsemilk is a product that relieves the symptoms of eczema, stops the itching and helps recover the skin. Discover the power of horsemilk!

What is eczema and where does it come from?

Eczema is a skin disease, which is characterized by ignitions of the skin. The symptoms of ignition is redness, swelling and a warm skin feeling. Beside that there are other typical symptoms of eczema: vesicles, exudation, furfures and a scratching effect. Since eczema always itches, everyone with eczema scratches. By the rubbing and scratching the eczema still maintains.

Genetic predisposition, feeding, dust and skincare can be a cause of this problem. Eczema is caused by a disturbed intestinal flora, so it’s a skin problem that comes from within. That’s why this problem should be cured from inside.

Horsemilk and eczema

Salves as hormone cream only helps for a short time because only the problem is cured and not the cause, namely a disturbed intestinal flora. By taking in horsemilk the intestinal flora activates and the body disembarrass from impurities. This is also the reason why eczema can get worse (differs per person). This is a favourable factor, a sign that horsemilk does its work, namely the removal of poisons. Unlike dozens of different salves, the body really gets something within the body and the complaint can be disputed at the source!

Horsemilk is a 100% natural product!

Freeze dried horsemilkpowder is a remedy to support and to advance the recovery of various disorders, including eczema, a dry skin and itches. You can mix freeze dried horsemilkpowder within your dessert or mix it with lukewarm water (max 30°C).

Based on research and experiences of thousands of satisfied customers we know that freeze dried horsemilkpowder brings a relief to the life of your child and it can get rid of your child her of his eczema end itching complaints.

Do you want to get rid of your eczema complaints?

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* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.