The characteristic composition of horsemilk explains a large part of the functioning. People drink horsemilk, because they have charge of cow milk allergy, but also in relation to other aspects of their health people benefit from the effects of horsemilk. Especially for people with skin problems, stomach-and bowel problems horsemilk seems to have a positive influence.

By reinforcing the bowel flora and by promoting the metabolism, horsemilk has a positive influence on your health. Because of this it is stamina enlarging. Horsemilk is recommended at metabolism problems, irregular chair pace, skin problems, too high cholesterol value, stiff joints, cancer and menopause symptoms.

Horsemilk can serve as a good alternative!

Many ailments at people derives from a disturbed bowel flora, which can cause a shortage to minerals and vitamins and a lack of resistance, resulting in a big change on infections and inflammation, whereby the bad bacteria can get the overhand. These bad bacteria produce toxic waste, which irritates the guts and will be transferred into the bloodstream. These irritations of the guts can cause diarrhoea or constipation, which results in rumbling bowels, gas, increased stomach acid production and nausea. The impact of absorbing the toxic waste into the blood can result to weariness, headache, overload of the liver and even forms of eczema, psoriasis, bronchitis and asthma.

A property of horsemilk is that it stimulates the increase of the good bacteria in the bowel flora, which results in the fact that the bad bacteria can not extend its self any further, the absorption of the toxic substances in the bloodstream will decrease. The bowel flora can recover, the resistance increases and the chance to ailments and infections decreases.

Horsemilk is good for you, it supports you at numerous physical affairs such as:

General physical health

  • It gives more energy;
  • It raises the resistance of the organism;
  • It raises the vitality ;
  • It promotes convalescence after sickness
  • It has a positive influence to meno-pause phenomena;
  • At stiff joints and muscle fatigue;
  • At shortages to minerals and vitamins;
  • To control the cholesterolvalue;
  • Stress, weariness and discomforts
  • It has a favorable functioning on infirmity of old age
  • Horsemilk can serve as a substitute to cow milk with cow milk allergy.

Metabolism problems

  • It promotes the internal purification;
  • It promotes the digestion.

Hearth and veins

  • It has a positive influence to heart and veins;
  • It has a blood purifying effect.
  • It ensures a better blood circulation

Hearth- and blood circulation impairments

  • Use of horsemilk by a complete range of patients with a high blood pressure, resulted in an obvious improvement of the whole general condition and the blood pressure was reduced its normal value.
  • Anaemia
  • The content of horsemilk shows a clear higher Iron value then mother milk and cow milk. Horsemilk  has proved its impact on anaemia already multiple times by an increase of haemoglobin (red blood pigment for oxygen transport) in the blood of the users.
  • immunity sicknesses and shortages in the defence system
  • Horsemilk offers a good opportunity for regulating and strengthening of the functioning of the immune system. The effect of horsemilk can be explained by – as by human mother milk – the high value of albumin and globulin (building materials for the antibodies), to minerals and high-quality unsaturated fat acids.

Stomach function

  • It is good for a normal stomach function;
  • It clears up a feeling of flatulance.
  • It has a stomach strengthening functioning

Liver disease and jammings in the fat metabolism

  • At all liver disease (from chronicle hepatitis to fat metabolism disorders with a increased cholesterol mirror) is a diet with low-fat, light digestible food and also an absolute abstention of alcohol essential. Horsemilk has been already excellent designated for this diet by nature. The high value of unsaturated and plural saturated fat acids have a regulating effect on a derailed fat metabolism. At regular use it can decrease the cholesterol level of the blood.
  • Horsemilk appears to be directly regenerating and has a beneficial impact on sick liver cells

Sickness of the lungs and of the airways

  • Positive is the functioning of horsemilk on chronic infections, infectious and allergic processes in the organism. Overturned metabolism- and defence mechanism can be essential orientated differently. Therefore horsemilk definitely belongs in a total treatment of ailments of the airways.

Muscles, Joints and Bones

  • It is good for stiff muscles and joints
  • Supports sport performances
  • Takes care for good building up and maintenance of the bones. (not against detoriated bones)


  • It promotes the bowel functioning as a result of which you get a regular metabolism;
  • It helps for bad digestion, acid belching, inconveniences in the abdomen area


  • It promotes a justified cholesterol level.

Itch and tingling

  • It reduces itch and tingling (whether or not associated with a red/poor/irritated skin).


  • It can be used for internal and external skincare;
  • Skin problems such as eczema, acne/youth pimples, neurodermitis, psoriasis, skin allergy, poor or irritated skin and several other skin problems;
  • It purifies the skin;
  • Unclean skin: intolerance (hay fever, sun or cow milk);
  • It supports the self healing ability of the skin.

Horsemilk at cancer therapy and aftercare

The functioning of horsemilk on the total immune system, the stimulation of all detoxication mechanisms of the body  (liver, kidney’s, intestines, sweat glands ect.) and the health making of the blood forming texture, that all makes the usage of horsemilk in the cancer therapy, and cancer readjustment most interesting and important.

With cancer diseases is the application of irradiation therapy and chemotherapy besides a surgical treatment mostly unavoidable; therefore should be given considerable attention to the total physical condition of the patient. Besides the heavy mental conflicts, there is also the physical burden on the patient through radiation and chemotherapy mostly to the boundaries of the carrying capacity of the patient.

Because the cancer therapy attacks not only the sick cancer cells of the patient, but also the healthy cells (among whom mainly the cells of the hair roots, the guts, the blood forming organs, the immune system and the skin) suffers the patient during and after a series of irradiations and treatment with chemotherapy, at intervals respectively, to a harsh physical weariness, loss of hair, intestinal problems, and a high grade of vulnerability for infectionalinfectional diseases. The organism is hardly capable to protect itself against banal infections, let alone that it is capable of mobilising its defence system in the battle against metastases (daughter cells) and the forming of new cancer tumours. Besides that there will be a hard burden on the body caused by the metabolism toxics which will be released during the therapy and by the damaged detoxication mechanisms.

  • To endure this critical phase better, to activate the immune system anew, to trigger the detoxification through liver, bowels, kidney’s and skin anew and to give the patient new strength, is horsemilk (in milk, -powder or capsule form) recommended strongly.

May it be clear that horsemilk is not a magic cure by which you can cure incurable diseases. Horsemilk has a positive influence to the health and can give support to the battle against a diversity of different ailments.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.