Do you get enough vitamins within?

+ Are you tired often?
+ Do you suffer from a dry skin?
+ Do you suffer from insomnia?
+ Do you suffer from anemia?
+ Do you suffer from a bad concentration?
+ Do you suffer from heart rhythm disorders?

We all know that we should consummate more vitamins and minerals, but where can you find these vitamins and minerals?

Horsemilk helps to prevent a
shortage of minerals and vitamins

Vitamins are micro nutrients. These nutrients are in small amounts in our daily food and drinks. We can’t live without vitamins. We need them to stay healthy and they are essential for a normal growth and development

Lots of people have a shortage of vitamins without them to know. In long term complaints as tiredness, a bad concentration, a dry skin, anemia, insomnia and listlessness can occur. Among certain groups is a shortage of vitamin more common: elderly people, children, pregnant women, smokers, athletes and vegetarians. A supplement is not a unnecessary luxury for these groups.

The last few years there is much interest in vitamins in science. Lots of researches show that vitamins are not only necessary for a healthy body, but they can also reduce the chance of getting diverse diseases.

Horsemilk and vitamins

By incorrect composition of the intestinal flora we have shortages of the necessary vitamins, minerals and ammonia acids, so that our immune system weakens. A quarter horsemilk, the recommended amount is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C.

Someone who is healthy can take a beating, both physically and mentally! To stay healthy, your body needs enough vitamins and minerals every day. Our food isn’t always sufficient to be in need of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Besides every human is unique and the need of vitamins differs for every person. To adjust vitamins to your personal need, freeze dried horsemilk powder offers the optimal support for your health. Freeze dried horsemilk powder can easily mix with your dessert or mix it with some lukewarm water (max 30°C)

Horsemilk is full of vitamins.


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