Do you suffer from acne youth pimples?

Horsemilkery De Lage Wierde has the resolution for this problem, a natural horsemilk cream and soap based on horse milk

Acne is a common problem:
Three-quarter of the adolescents gets pimples.

Wat is acne and where does it come from?

Lots of young people suffer from acne. They are annoyed by the pimples in their face and on the rest of their body. Mainly during puberty it’s likely to get acne. By the hormonal changes in the body the sebaceous glands are stimulated additional with the result that the skin pores congest and ignites.

Young people who suffer the most from these impure skin changes, are in a fase of life where the interest in the opposite of the sex grows and where the first contact with a partner finds place.  Inferiority complex, fear and difficulties to come in to contact are all common problems at this age, as well as rejections and be laughed at by others. So skin is a regular part of life for lots of young people nowadays.

Prevention is better than curing

There are different recommendations to prevent this hard and physical carrying acne. In first place there is purification of the skin. One must never squeeze these pimples, then the bacteria will push deeper in to the skin and that enlarges the ignition. A balanced diet, where you avoid alcohol, fat and sweets, helps in many cases. It’s recommend to avoid as much stress situations as possible.

It’s recommended the wash the affected
skin with lukewarm water or greaseproof soap.

Acne and horsemilk

The proteins in horsemilk relieve metabolism of the skin and make sure that they can absorb more moisture. Proteins also reduce ignitions and itches. The skin recovers itself because all components that are necessary for cell renewal are present in horsemilk. By using creams and soaps, based on horsemilk, the by ignitions changed skin becomes less oily. There forms a cleaning process whereby the healthy skin cells will recover and rebuild. After a short time the skin is back to normal again, so that a regular skin care routine with products that are based on horsemilk is enough to keep the skin healthy.

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