Dry skin, what can you do to it?
How sensitive is your skin?

Do you suffer from?

  • – calluses
  • – dry hands
  • a dry skin
  • – local eczema
  • – athlete’s foot
  • – painful gorges
  • – mold gaps

Do you have a dry skin and are you looking for a solution?
Horsemilkery De Lage Wierde has the solution for you!

Painful gorges

End gorges at your hands, feet and elbows!

Quite a few people (mainly women) suffer from painful gorges at their fingers during the winter. Gorges occur when the skin is extremely dry. Hands are often in water and water has a drying effect on your skin. Gorges in the hands are very persistent. Gorges return easily, that’s why you have to take measure to prevent them.

What causes a dry skin?

When you wash your skin is at regular times the skin will be clean, but also literally defatted, the oils of the skin will be washed away. Then the fluid in the skin will evaporate easier. Much washing with soap and water causes a dry skin. There’s also an increased possibility of dehydration of the skin during the winter when the central heating in the house creates a dry atmosphere.

A dry skin and horsemilk

By dehydration of the skin, the skin creates additional skin oils itself to replace the washed away skin oils. This recovery takes about a week (may vary per person), provided that the skin is completely left alone and gets the time to recover. By providing a protective surface skin, the cream will have the ability to recover the skin.

A softening mild skin cream based on natural pure horsemilk and other natural ingredients has a diverse influence on the skin and is appropriate for all ages. Horsemilk cream is a good and natural product in the treatment of various skin problems like a dry skin and eczema, acne/youth pimples, athlete’s foot, gorges, psoriasis, chapped and painful gorges, an irritated and dry skin and various other skin problem.

Absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel oily!

The pain of wounds disappears almost immediately when using horsemilk cream, also horsemilk cream can do a good job for burns. Corns, athlete’s foot, gorges and calluses soften and the horsemilk cream also helps with fungus between the toes.

Usage: For daily use and supporting the recovery of the skin. As required apply a thin layer daily. With regular use the skin stays soft and beautiful. Contains no synthetic additives.

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* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.

* You will see the Dutch packaging unit on the picture.